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If you think giving unjustified hate is okay, then don't make people who like something justify why they do.
Don't be a hypocrite.
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...This is really important.

Fri Apr 29, 2016, 6:47 PM
My old account, zeldagirl1 has been hacked. The hacker is claiming to be me and is trying to cause a storm.Angry I'm really upset right now... They created another account called l33tl3t as well.

Can someone please help me?!

...Just a little something...

Wed Apr 27, 2016, 5:41 PM
  • Looks like I've gotten blocked by someone for the first time ever in my whole time I've ever been a deviant on this website. Congrats to SaiyanGogito for being the first to ever block me in my 2-3 years of being on this site~ :) Anywho, I originally said I was going to remain neutral, but since you've been a highlight in DeviantArt drama as of late... I may need a word with you. Of course, being the usual worrywart and being someone who easily panics, I'll keep it low leveled and try to make it somewhat peaceful (or, as peaceful as I can make it right at the moment). Ok... here it goes...

Okay, so SaiyanGogito, or "better" known as the original Scottthecharizardx and Loganthecharizard, has been trying to "help" DeviantArt with the "darkness" there is here. But, little does he realize, he's also fueling the drama here. He often gripes at others who he says are bad. To be honest, sometimes he is justified - sometimes, he even has a good reason to call out someone and ban them. Sadly, this isn't always the case - he sometimes leaves death threats to people (fun fact: some of his past accounts weren't banned for the ban evading he's doing now, but also for giving death threats in the past - proof right here.). One current/recent example he does this is right here. For someone like him to say that he's "helping" DeviantArt, he's doing a pretty lousy job at it. Personally, I think there's enough proof out there that shows he needs to be banned. Not only the death threats, but he's escaped ban multiple times. All accounts (that I'm aware of) are as of listed:
charikitten (Unsure of this one)
Evading ban once or twice is very bad, but seven times... oh my - you might get in huge trouble with the staff if you appear after this account.
I'd actually be quite surprised if you unblocked me (I've never blocked anyone - I haven't even blocked you) and/or called me out in a journal, as I would think that if you shared this, I'd think others would probably be onto you about the stuff you've done. Otherwise, if you bring in "white knights", I wouldn't be too surprised of that either (but how would I know? I haven't had people white knight on me in a LOOOONNG time (as of 3 years ago, but I was a huge "dramadick" in the past)).

Eh. I don't really care about the drama anymore, to be honest. I'm busy trying to help fix my recent neurological damage (from an illness almost exactly a year ago). So do whatever, I guess?Welp 

Commission Information
Greetings~ I now am giving commissions, as my page is becoming more and more noticed (and I think I'm at the point in my art where I'm actually getting pretty good at drawing somewhat)! If you are interested, the prices/rules are down belowArrow down Arrow down Arrow down

Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2UPRICESBell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2U 

Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2USprites (custom made or fusion - either I make the sprite or I use existing sprites to make something new)  = 5 Points 
Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2UDigital Art (Uncolored w/ no background or lineart) = 10 Points 
Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2UDigital Art (Colored and/or with background. If it has both, it adds 5 more points) = 15-20 Points 
Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2UTraditional Art (Simple sketch) = 5 Points 
Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2UTraditional Art (Outlined) = 10 Points 
Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2U Traditional Art (Fully Colored) = 15 Points

Checkmark IconTHINGS I CAN AND CAN'T DRAW Question Mark Icon (and things I don't know about...)X Icon

Checkmark Icon People
Checkmark Icon Animals
Checkmark Icon Monsters
Checkmark Icon Undertale
Checkmark Icon Homestuck
Checkmark Icon Pokemon
Checkmark Icon Ocs
Checkmark Icon Cartoon Characters (Either in my style or in their style:))

X Icon Sonic (I'm not able to draw them well)
X Icon Stick People (Funny enough, I can't draw them very well... :XD: Also, I find them unoriginal and I dislike them)
X Icon Hate Art (I don't want to help someone with creating drama and hate, so... no thanks with this type of art)

Question Mark Icon My Little Pony (I have only drawn a character from this once, so I don't know if I can, but I can try ^^;)
Question Mark Icon FNAF (the last time I drew something related to that was last summer - also, I'm not a huge fan of the game, but I can try to draw them (but they'll turn out more realistic than cartoony, as I draw animatronics semi-realistic)
Question Mark Icon  "Fetish" Art (I've never drawn them before, as I don't necessarily have a fetish. It would probably make me slightly uncomfortable drawing them, but if it makes you happy, it may be a possibility that I could draw it ^^;)

Thanks for taking your time to read this ^^;
*Another stupid filler thing while I'm working on a little project for you guys*
(I have just gotten info that I'm going to be one of the people left in charge to design my school's library from my sister (who was the first person put in the group - she has most of the info student-wise), so I'll be busy with that too ^^;)

...This is really important.

Fri Apr 29, 2016, 6:47 PM
My old account, zeldagirl1 has been hacked. The hacker is claiming to be me and is trying to cause a storm.Angry I'm really upset right now... They created another account called l33tl3t as well.

Can someone please help me?!


PsiiSerp's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Greetings. I happen to be a sprite artist/traditional artist/digital artist.
I actually was on here once before, but I have long ditched it, as I wanted a fresh start. Anywho, thanks for stopping by my little place here on this site~

My birthday badge

Oh, I almost forgot - I would like to say now that I take requests.
I take them here --->

Photo Manipulations: Free (Be warned - if you are someone I find quite liverish or rude, I might troll you~ :p I won't troll those who are kind about it :))
Traditional art - Free :)
Digital art - One point (Since I haven't given many of these yet, they are only one point)
Spritework Two points (It takes longer for these, as I now make them scratch (no longer from other sprites, like my older ones))

Pay for Digital/Spritework-/- donate to me here:…

Fraysexual Stamp by DemSavageStampsDoe Stop Romanticising Mental Illness by bendyandbroken Mental Illness by Flameshadow117 All lives matter (Stamp | old) by ghoulr Human rights by Stamp-O-Rama:thumb571605115: Not A Free Country To Me by rockstarcrossing I hate Donald Trump by SoraRoyals77 More like self-diagNOsis by SaiSuta Homestuck Stamp by Sinderish Homestuck Trash Stamp by That-Black-Rabbit Cosplay stamp by HappyStamp I get nervous when talking to people by SoraRoyals77 Love when you draw my characters by ShiroiKrow America is not number 1 by AtheosEmanon 'religion free' stamp by mrakor Insanity is so cool! by CorruptTempest I Don't Mind Profanity Stamp by Sugary-Stardust Sick Fuck (Stamp) by ghoulr salty stamp by toff-u Not Proud To Be American Stamp by caramel-dixon Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp) by Aviseya Do not Repost Stamp by FireFlea-San I trade llamas - stamp by kas7ia


PsiiSerp has started a donation pool!
18 / 100
If you'd like to help me, that'd be great :)

I am in attempt to get points to give to people who really need them, or if I ever decide to hold a raffle.

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  • :icondahub:
    Donated Apr 21, 2016, 3:41:26 PM
  • :iconeevee03tv:
    Donated Mar 27, 2016, 7:37:02 AM


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